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How America Can Achieve Wide Prosperity and Fiscal Health

Economists left, right and center largely agree that Americans in every socio-economic group could prosper if we upgrade our public schools to match the best in the world, simplify the tax code by closing loopholes and lowering marginal tax rates, curb the growth in entitlement spending, and invest judiciously in infrastructure.

But nearly every member of Congress clearly prefers to attack the other party's agenda rather than negotiate an economic plan that could benefit Americans of all kinds.

Why do we, the American people, accept this? We don’t have to.

There are prominent Americans from the left, right and center who would gladly sit down together to negotiate a plan that leads to wide prosperity while reining in our nation's debts.

So, we at CCD intend to make this happen. We're building a coalition of nonprofit organizations and civic-minded individuals to jointly sponsor a Forum for Long-Term Prosperity.

The Forum will bring together in one place the men and women the American people would most trust to solve our economic problems. We will ask these men and women to work out a fiscal/economic plan that voters of all kinds could support. Once they agree on that plan, they will present it to the American people.

And if enough voters support that plan, lawmakers hungry to keep their jobs will listen.

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